A Year Full of Words

This last year, while working in the editing suite at the historic Bland Building, John has been doing several audiobook directing projects via Skype, as well as several trips to work on location for Brilliance.  These include:

• Macadoo of the Maury River (narrated by J.D. Jackson)
• Tune In Tokyo (narrated by MacLeod Andrews)
• Blackberry Winter (narrated by Tara Sands)
• Shadow Blizzard (narrated by MacLeod Andrews)
• Welcome to Bordertown (narrated by Cassandra CampbellMacLeod AndrewsHolly Black, Ellen Kushner)
• The Kingdom of Little Wounds (narrated by Susan Duerden)
• Doc (narrated by J.D. Jackson)
• Saving Grace (narrated by Rosalyn Landor)
• Chocolate For Two (narrated by Julia Whelan)
• The Blue Book (narrated by Rosalyn Landor)
• Doctor Futurity (narrated by MacLeod Andrews)
• The Lion's Lady (narrated by Susan Duerden)

A large amount of time has been spent working on numerous language-teaching audio programs for the Living Language Foreign Language Study, published by Random House, including:

• Hebrew
• Korean
• Greek
• Hindi
• Irish

He has also worked on several independently released audiobooks.